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“If your name really is R Soles I apologise for this inconvenience”

vexedmanPeople in Kent get plenty of mileage out of WhatDoTheyKnow.com. So much so, in fact, that Kent County Council smells a rat.

Let’s take user S Smith. At first glance, Smith looks like a regular, legitimate FoI requester. Thanks to their campaign to find out which Kentish councilors belong to Masonic lodges, we now know that three of Maidstone’s councilors are indeed trouser-rollers.

But in Kent County Councils eyes at least, Smith is just one of many WDTK users exploiting the service to ruin their day. In May 2009, when Smith asked KCC to provide details of the last time council members’ declarations of interest were audited, it replied thusly: Continue reading